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What Is Kiiera And It's Flagship Product VIV?

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Author: Matt Gaines

Kiiera the company

With Kiiera's focus upon combining a life-sustaining vital energy ("qi" or "ki") from ancient Asian roots, and the concept of a new era of health and success, Kiiera steps out of the mold of conventional health technologies. In an increasingly fast paced and stressful environment, Kiiera finds practical solutions by looking to the earth for remedies that have benefits proven over thousands of years.

Through the extremely efficient business model of Direct Sales, Kiiera delivers the synergy of rare, potent and versatile botanicals to consumers and independent affiliates around the world. And it does so from a source of power and integrity like no other.

The Concept for Kiiera grew from two words.

"Ki," the ancient Asian belief in a life sustaining, vital energy.
"Era," representing a new generation of significant events.

Kiiera seized the opportunity to make their company the most revolutionary Direct Sales organization on the planet, but they didn't want to stop there. Because Kiiera also realized that in the world of Network Marketing, true opportunity happens on the ground floor. So Management spent over 2 years developing Kiiera before launching. They actually took their time to make absolutely certain that Kiiera would be a worthwild opportunity and also be on the ground floor of something already proven and successful.

As a sister company to Founder Peter Spiegel's Sylmark Group providing powerful stability in finance, management and operations, Kiiera employs cutting-edge marketing techniques to help every independent Affiliate reach new audiences with untapped "warm market" potential.

It does so with a new "Fusion Marketing" approach that combines the best aspects of Direct Response active media and Network Marketing to reach and motivate new prospects with truly global potential.

The Kiiera Team has created:

The most solid foundation in the history of Direct Selling.
A bold fusion of Direct Response and Network Marketing.
A completely unique product offering.
A proven ground floor opportunity.
A Revolutionary Compensation Plan.
All combined to create The Opportunity of Your Lifetime.

For most people, Opportunity is the act of turning a dream into a reality. The Secret lies in recognizing it when it truly comes.

The Kiiera Team knew they could create an opportunity of a lifetime, an era of personal fulfillment, financial freedom, and complete well being…

one that would have every one of our actions leave people, places, and products better than we found them…and embrace a better life while we were doing it.

They also recognized that, if they were to create the perfect opportunity, it would take nothing less than a revolutionary business model, a unique product offering, and the finest compensation plan in the industry.

That's just what the Kiiera team has accomplished, and they are thrilled to show you exactly how.

VIV ~ The FlagShip Product of Kiiera!

VIV: Five Energy Infusion

Reserve Energy - the power to revive and endure
Explosive Energy - the power to act and react
Creative Energy - the power to think and create
Adaptive Energy - the power to harmonize and balance
Stabilizing Energy - the power to cleanse and repair

VIV: Benefits!

Rather than draining your explosive energy like popular energy drinks, VIV helps replenish your energy reserves through a compact and concentrated formula that fits and enhances your healthy lifestyle. The revolutionary VIV formula has been shown to:

Helps fight fatigue and combat stress
Improves endurance and encourage peak physical performance
Fight mental exhaustion and improve neuro-motor performance
Supports a healthy immune system
Boosts energy levels without caffeine or other harmful stimulants

Not only does VIV offer all these benefits, it also enjoys an ORAC rating of 1250.
* That makes it an antioxidant powerhouse.

For more information on Kiiera and VIV you may contact Matt Gaines thur his website at

Thank you
Matt Gaines

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