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What is your mantra

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Author: Phillip Skinner

What is your mantra

Hi phillip here

I haven't seen much of the Olympics since it started, because being in Beiijing, most of the events are broadcast after 10:00pm and go into the wee hours of the morning.

But I was on the treadmill logging some miles late last night and NBC was broadcasting the BMX bicycle races.

Now I'm not an avid watcher of MotoCross or BMX racing, but this was exciting stuff.

In the races that American Mike Day was in, he immediately zipped to the front and won each race easily.

And you know what?  He did the same thing in the Olympic qualifier before the games.  Against the best competition, so far at least, he's destroying them.

And in not so surprising a twist, the correspondent--I think it was Andrea Kramer-- did a piece on him and what came out was that before he races, he has a mantra that he says over and over...

It is short and sweet...

He says repeatedly, "Relax, Ready, Holeshot."

So he commands himself to relax and be calm inside before he goes on a wild, chaotic 40 second ride.

Then he tells himself that he'll be ready to go when the bell sounds.  Nothing else but what he has to do is on his mind.  No pictures of failing or of disappointment.  Only his goal.

Then "Holeshot," which means that he sees himself being in first place as he hits the first turn.

"Relax, Ready, Holeshot," over and over.

This is similar to what each and every one of us does before and during practically each and every routine, habitual action we take.

Because for every habitual duty or responsibility you have, you also have a corresponding belief attached to it... "I hate doing this"..."This is so much fun"..."I can't wait till this is over"... "I could do this all day long."

These mental habits are what control how well or how poorly you do at every single thing you do.

Because those mental pictures and movies are going on constantly in your mind's eye.  Constantly.

And the little inner voice inside your head (your self-
talk) is also running non-stop.

These are your controlling mechanisms.

Most people believe that the self-talk and mental pictures come FROM your past experience only...

While it is true that your inner voice and mental pictures do reflect your past results... those two core mental functions also HAVE CONTROL over your decisions, emotions and actions.

They guide them.

Your mantras guide you.  Right this second they are.

And when the average person living today makes decisions that are bad for them, or when they make mistakes, have accidents, fail to take the actions they know would help them achieve a positive outcome, what happened is that their inner voice, their habitual "mantra" is on autopilot telling them things like this:

-- "I'll never get this done on time."
-- "I don't want to get my hopes up."
-- "I can't drive on windy roads."
-- "If it rains, the party is going to be terrible."
-- "It's easier to do nothing."
-- "I'll get laughed at if I try that."
-- "I just don't want to be disappointed."
-- "It's too risky to try that."
-- "I'm so afraid of them."
-- "Who am I kidding.  I'm not going to do well at this."
-- "I just hope I don't make too big a fool out of myself."

Terrible, horrible things to tell yourself.

And yet it goes on almost without notice or concern.

Because we think it can't be helped... that we are RIGHT in thinking these despicable thoughts.  They are facts.

And often these self-commands get pretty loud.  Sometimes they are at shouting level.

And we think it's normal... that it can't be changed or stopped.

It can be.

You just need to take control.  And it's easy.

The biggest obstacle?  Just remembering to do it.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you had a standard single command that you said to yourself in every area of life where you feel fear, get angry, feel stopped cold, where you never choose right... I can guarantee you that with the right mantra  (or with many of them) driving your focus and your emotions, you could turn any area of failure or disappointment around with lightning speed.

When you make it a habit of saying and thinking thoughts like these before big events and action sequences:

-- "I'm going to win."
-- "We're going to have fun on our date."
-- "They will like me - I'm a lot of fun."
-- "The ball is going in the cup (the hole, the goal)."
-- "Nothing but net."
-- "I have a right to be here as much as anyone else."
-- "I can hear the cheers now."
-- "This party is going to be a blast."
-- "I choose only the healthiest, life-enhancing foods."
-- "I love the feel of weights in my hands."
-- "I feel most alive when I'm running."

...your decisions will be better.

You'll do what you SHOULD do.

Your actions will be precise.

You'll make fewer mistakes.

You will be happy -- just because.

You won't have to fight with yourself to do what you know you should do... you'll WANT to do it.

And I know this sounds too easy.

I sounds too simplistic.  Stupid even.

So elementary that it couldn't possibly work.

But it does... beautifully.  Like magic.

You FEEL confident.  And you FEEL the difference.

Start taking notice what you are feeling as you think about some task that you "are not looking forward to."

Listen to what you are telling yourself about these "less than pleasant" responsibilities, duties, tasks, chores.

If you feel a bit worse when you think about them than before they crossed your mind, you've discovered an area where you can start making positive changes immediately.

Listen to yourself.

Look at those affirmative and commands above.

When yours suck and reflect negative emotions and attitudes, you must know that it is you that is doing this.
You are doing it.  You do NOT have to think and feel this way.

You DO have control over it.  I'm telling you how the best of the best in every area of life do it.

When you do it, too, positive things will start happening for you almost immediately.  Instantly, in many or most situations.

Successes will pile up.

And you will be happy.

Sounds like "The Giving Tree" doesn't it?

Well, it is, actually.  Do this in each area of life that you want to change and you will be giving yourself the greatest gift ever... the best, happiest YOU that you can be.

All my best to you and your decisions


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We've installed many of the championship-type thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of the most accomplished people into each program.  And not only can you hear all of them when you listen, but you'll also have all the powerful self- commands to read, so you don't have to think of them on your own.  Simple, simple, simple.

I GARE-UHN-TEE that if you don't feel how you want to feel and don't do what you should (and suffer the poor results), when you start putting the successful outcomes (pictures and words) in your mind regularly like Mike Day does, you WILL become a completely different, better, happier person in every possible way, shape and form.


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