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What to Eat, When to Eat: That is the Metabolic Question

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Author: Jim Robertson

The human body is a incredibly good at adapting to change. It does what it needs to do to protect and heal itself. Understanding this is the key to everything about losing weight. Because weight loss and weight gain are both adaptations on the part of the body to a change in what it is used to. What changes is the amount of calories that arrive to provide the requisite nutrition, and when the body perceives the pipeline is shutting down, it wants to hoard its fat stores in case of impending starvation. It follows, then, that if we could change the manner in which the body makes these adaptive changes, in addition to managing the calories themselves, we would once and for all be able to stop dieting and simply manage our weight through our ability to adapt to the amount and quality of the food we take in.

And here's the good news: we can do precisely that. Because the process that controls our adaptive response to the arrival of calories is called our metabolism. And there are ways to make it more efficient, to cause it to burn more calories in a more efficient and healthy manner, which is the ultimate key to weight management.

If the body adapts to a reduced level of incoming calories by slowing itself down so that it will burn fewer calories, you won't lose all that much weight. Your body won't let you. This is precisely what happens when you go on a crash diet - the body stops burning calories and hoards its fat stores. But if you can understand and manipulate that adaptive process, if you can stop it from sabotaging the burning off of fat… now you've got something to work with.

If you could lose weight simply by cutting down on calories, if it really were that simple, then you could put yourself on a 1200-calorie per day diet and the pounds would melt away. You could just eat a pile of cookies, and as long as it didn't exceed the allotted 1200 calories you'd be just fine under this fantasy scenario. It might actually work for a while, but soon your body would adapt to this change, and not in a good way. Because quality is just as important as quantity. All the sugar in those cookies would cause your insulin levels to spike. That would cause a reduction in the amount of glucose in your blood, which after a series of chemical interactions would result in you storing away as much fat as possible, usually in the belly area. So not only would you get fat, your blood sugar levels would be drastically out of synch, your liver would be preventing from doing what it naturally does, and after a while you'd be at risk of diabetes. Not to mention a significant list of other side effects from a lack of fiber , a complete breakdown of your digestive system and the deterioration of your muscles because of the fatigue caused by a lack of complex carbohydrates. This is in addition to the artery clogging cause by an infusion of saturated fat coursing through your system.

In order to speed up our metabolism so that we can lose weight and better manage our weight going forward, we need more than a reduction in calories. We need to ensure that the calories we are feeding our bodies are in the right balance, and just as importantly, that they arrive in such a way that our digestive system is always at work processing the food. This is achieved by eating five to six smaller high quality meals per day, rather than the traditional three or four. The result is a metabolism that is always in high gear, which is the beginning of an entire shift in the bio-chemistry of weight control.

You can eat now, or you can later, but with this approach to metabolism control, you can and should do both.

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