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What's Stopping Your Weight Loss?

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Author: Ronit D Little

It's that time of year. New Years has come and gone, and that means that New Years resolutions have been made and put into action. As we all know, the number one resolution is to lose weight. Are you like so many others and you resolved that 2009 was your year to lose the weight?

How is your weight loss going so far? There are many methods to losing weight, and most of them, if you stick to them, will work. Be sure that you are watching your caloric intake, drinking lots of water, exercising and getting plenty of rest. 

Some ladies find that they are doing everything right. The first few weeks of their weight loss program goes great! The pounds start shedding, the inches start decreasing. They can feel their clothes getting looser. But then something happens. The weight loss stops. This can get very frustrating.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Derek Shelton has helped many ladies in this exact situation. They are faithfully sticking to their weight loss program, doing everything right, but they just simply cannot get the weight to come off. After years of studying this trend, Derek figured out the problem that many ladies were experiencing.

They wanted to lose the weight, but they feared their breasts would get smaller in doing so!

It's a known fact that most breast tissue is actually fatty tissue, so this makes sense. Breasts often get smaller as weight decreases. In today's society, many ladies enjoy having fuller, firmer breasts, so it is understandable that they would not want their breasts to get smaller during weight loss. Breast surgery is a billion dollar industry! Ladies spend small fortunes to enhance and lit their breasts, so they certainly don't want to lose them.

This fear of losing breast tissue often subconsciously sabotages their weight loss. It doesn't matter how committed a woman is to her weight loss program, her subconscious mind may be preventing her from reaching her goal.

What's the solution? According to many, it's The Dream Breast System. This revolutionary system helps ladies continue to lose weight, while at the same time, training their breast tissue to grow. That's right, with the Dream Breast System you can actually shed inches on your waist while enhancing and lifting your breasts at the same time!

The Dream Breast System is an all natural, 12-week online course that allows ladies to enhance, reduce, and/or lift their breasts using mind power. It transforms the self-esteem as well as the body to reveal a woman's true beauty, from the inside out. It may sound crazy to some, but it works. It has been scientifically proven, and results are supported by a money back guarantee.

What's involved with the Dream Breast System? It's quite simple really. There are downloadable weekly lessons and visualizations. Simply listen to one 30 minute lesson each week and one 15-30 minute visualization one to three times a day. Average results are 2 cup sizes (either enhanced or reduced, depending on your chosen program) with 2-3 inches of lift. These

If you are struggling with your weight loss, perhaps this may help you too. Lose the weight, not your breasts! To learn more, please visit the

Ronit Little is a firm believer in the Dream Breast System. She dedicates her time to educating women on how they can transform their breasts naturally, using the power of their minds. To learn more, and to try the program free, please visit


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