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Where Are Acupuncture Meridians & What Purpose Do They Serve

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Author: Deborah Lindholm

Dating back to 3000BC or perhaps as far back as the Stone Age, there has been said that acupuncture is in fact one of the oldest means of medical care on the planet. Acupuncture and meridians being confusing enough, trying to figure out the reason why they contribute to better health can be quite the task. We will take a look at the exact nature of this practice by asking and answering some questions, specifically those surrounding acupuncture meridians.

The Meaning of Acupuncture

If you are unaware of the various aspects of acupuncture, the whole process can be a tad confusing. There are energy systems that flow all through your body, somewhat like pathways. These pathways house both the positive and negative energy, connecting every system or function in your body. In the event that one or more of these pathways become blocked or imbalanced, acupuncture can be preformed through 500 various points along what is called meridians. The use of very fine needles allows access and manipulation of each particular point.

The Meridians

Consider the Yin and Yang to be opposite sides of the same coin. When in balance, your health and happiness are at their optimum point. When unbalanced however, so is life and health. The 500 acupuncture points are found in what are called meridians, which run along your arms and legs.

When making the association between Yin and Yang, picture the two sides of a coin as mentioned above. On the one side, the Yin holds responsibility for negative aspects, such as darkness, passivity, coldness, wetness and the feminine. The other side would be the Yang, which holds responsibility for all positive aspects such as brightness, activeness, dryness, heat and masculine. You will also find that each of the main meridians house their own elements of Yin and Yang.

The twelve meridians can be found:

• At the inside of your arms, body to fingertips - Yin
• At the outside of your arms, fingertips to face - Yang
• At the outside of your leg, face to feet - Yang
• At the inside of your leg, from feet to body - Yin

These 12 main meridians affect the following organs:

1. Lungs
2. Large Intestine
3. Stomach
4. Spleen
5. Heart
6. Small Intestine
7. Urinary Bladder
8. Kidney
9. Pericardium
10. Triple Warmer - This meridian affects the thyroid and the adrenal glands which regulate your metabolism and affect your immune system and has a profound affect on your stress reaction.
11. Gall Bladder

The Yin side includes lungs, heart and pericardium with the arm meridians, while the Yang side of the arm houses the meridians for the small intestine, triple warmer and the large intestine. As for the leg meridians, the Yin side covers spleen, kidney and liver, while the Yang side covers stomach, gall bladder and bladder.

Each of your body's organs plays a valuable and important function within the scope of overall health, as well as the functioning of your body. The extent of effectiveness each organ provides the body depends on the balance amongst them all. Any blockage or non-function among them can significantly affect body and mind.

There is a reason why this practice of acupuncture and the balancing of the body's energy through accessing meridians is still practiced today - it works.

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