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Which Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Is Right For You

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Author: Dave Stringham

Imagine having a beautiful, straight smile. In the skilled hands of of cosmetic dentist, porcelain veneers provide you with an improved, brilliant smile in just a few appointments. Porcelain veneers are thin strips of porcelain that are adhered to the surface of the teeth, giving them a fresh, bright appearance. After minimal tooth preparation, Your dentist will place the veneers on the front of your teeth, bonding them into place. Veneers can improve the alignment of the teeth and can be positioned to eliminate small gaps and spaces between teeth, giving you a younger, healthier look, without braces and retainers.

Teeth Whitening

You may be happy with the alignment and spacing of your teeth but years of coffee drinking, smoking or eating dark, juicy foods have left stains. Tooth whitening may be all that stands between you and a dazzling smile. Dentists will suggest one of several tooth-whitening techniques, depending on factors like your desired results, the time you can devote to the process and the cost of the procedure.

Zoom! Advanced Power

Zoom! whitening is a revolutionary new procedure that will give you brighter, whiter teeth in a single office visit. Zoom! whitening involves the application of a proprietary gel that, when exposed to a specialized light source, breaks down the stains on your teeth, leaving you with a beautiful smile. Most Zoom! whitening treatments take no more than an hour or so. With the amenities at your local dentist, you will be comforted with a warm blanket, relaxing eye mask, soothing music, and aromatherapy candle. You can also watch a movie if you so desire. At the end of whitening procedure, you will also be pampered by special formulated vitamin E enriched lip balm and a warm face towel to make your whitening experience a truly special one.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth cause loss of bone and muscle structure in the mouth and face. If you are missing a tooth or have severe problems with a tooth, you will begin to chew differently, putting pressure on other areas of your mouth. Your remaining healthy teeth may shift as well, causing gaps and spaces in your teeth that make your problem worse.

Regardless of the reason or the number of teeth involved, dental implants can restore your health and rejuvenate your smile. The implant itself is a specialized, surgical grade titanium post that is inserted into the bone that lies beneath the gums. During healing, the bone bonds to the post creating a firm foundation for a denture. The new tooth is shaped and shaded to match the rest of your teeth, restoring the look and function of your smile. Implants also reduce bone loss in the supportive structures of your mouth, improving your overall appearance and health in the future.


Dentures allow you to continue normal oral function, even after you have lost teeth. Advances in dental technology and techniques have made removable dentures better looking and better fitting than ever before. Dentures also provide support for lips and cheeks, enhancing your aesthetic appeal and making you look younger and healthier. As a specialist in fabricating false teeth, your dentist understands the principles and techniques of creating life-like dentures. Cosmetic dentists put special emphasis on working with you to custom-craft your teeth. You will have the opportunity to select the shade and shape of your teeth, and also have an aesthetic try-on appointment with your dentures before they are finalized. Your dentist goes to great lengths to make sure that your dentures are as natural and comfortable as possible. Best of all, your dentist provides after-care at no fee for up to one year. If you would like a more permanent solution for missing teeth, consider implant supported dentures.

Dave Stringham is the President of http://www.LookingYourBest.com and writes about plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation and breast implants. Cosmetic dentistry is also a topic of discussion. http://www.smilesbyadc.com


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