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Whole Brain Exercises: Get Your Whole Brain Working For You

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Author: Deborah Lindholm




Exercises for the brain are a twenty-first century phenomenon. Brain gymnastics, cranial callisthenics and whole brain workouts have taken off. Some brain exercises programs are geared to an ageing population well aware of the rising numbers of people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. Brain exercises are not only for senior citizens but are being introduced into schools and workplaces. Brain workouts for babies and for individuals with neurological problems or damage are also available

Scientists have not yet fully endorsed the idea that the brain needs exercising just as the body does.
Neurologists have criticized programs for being based on simplistic ideas about the way the brain works, even though some scientific studies have suggested that they may sometimes yield positive results. People who have tried brain exercises regularly report improvements in memory function and concentration. Whole brain exercises, as the name suggests, do not aim to develop abilities that are believed to be localized in one or other side of the brain. Instead they focus on either improving the joint functioning of both hemispheres, or on stimulating multiple regions of the brain.

Cross Crawls

Kinesiology is the study of movement and its relation to the nervous system. The cross crawl exercise depends on the idea that when we are born our nervous systems are homolateral. The right brain controls movement on the left of the body and vice versa. The cross crawl uses kinesiological principles and recommends rhythmic movement to enhance brain lateralization.

In babies the cross crawl is said to realign neural circuits so that the right brain connects to the left of the body and the left brain is integrated with the right side. For adults, cross crawls are believed to integrate brain function. The exercise is recommended for dyslexia and for boosting immune system responses. The mechanism is the promotion of right-left brain communication through the corpus callosum.

The exercise can be done seated or standing, as follows: Touch the right hand or right elbow to the left knee. Then repeat the action with the right hand or right elbow. The exercise should be done for about two minutes, or about 25 times each side.

Lazy Eights (also called the ‘Infinity Sign’)


Another kinesiology exercise geared towards working out both right and left brain hemispheres is known as ‘Lazy Eights’ It is believed to benefit concentration and reduce stress while enhancing mood and hand-eye co-ordination. You will need a pencil and paper. Using right and left hands alternately, draw the infinity sign (a sideways figure of eight) for approximately two minutes. Repeat daily.

A slightly more physical version of the same kinesiology exercise is known as ‘Rhythmic Eights’. It is also used to co-ordinate the two sides of the brain. Instead of using a pen and paper, make rhythmic figure of eight movements in the air, first with the left hand, then the right. Continue for one minute and repeat daily.

Vary Your Brain Workout

Many other exercises have been promoted as components of workouts for the whole brain. They include movements to activate the ‘brain button’, hook-ups to stabilize mood, hand-eye tracking exercises and energy yawning. Many ordinary exercises can be helpful too. Juggling is believed to exercise many areas of the brain. Intellectual puzzles and brain games all help to promote concentration and alertness and keep the brain in condition. 


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