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Why Collagen Elastin Lotions Are Ineffective

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Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

What can a collagen elastin lotion do for your skin's health and appearance? It is not likely to do much of anything. If it does, it is probably because of the other ingredients or pigments that it contains.

Lotions are considered "cosmetics". Most of them are only meant to provide a temporary cosmetic benefit. There are a few exceptions, such as those that are intended to treat eczema and psoriasis. They contain an "active" element.

The interesting thing is that there are active ingredients that can delay and counter the signs of age, but they are recognized, as such, by the regulating agencies. So, basically, we have to rely on the manufacturer's claims concerning them. That brings us to the claims that you are likely to see on a collagen elastin lotion.

The company will probably tell you that the product will strengthen the fibers that are deep beneath the epidermis. There are ingredients that have been shown to strengthen those fibers. They include avocado oil and Shea butter. They are most effective when used at night, when the skin's cells are rejuvenating.

The company may also claim that the ingredients are moisturizing. While other ingredients in the product may be moisturizing, proteins, which are what collagens and elastins are, are not moisturizing. They are gelatinous substances that do not penetrate the skin's layers. It might make your skin feel smoother, but it's a temporary effect.

There is one cream called CYNERGY TK that provides the immediate cosmetic benefit, which is to refract light, so that wrinkles look less deep and skin looks smoother than it actually is, with a healing benefit. They contain the ingredients necessary to improve the skin's overall health. As your skin gets healthier it will start to look better and better.

There are no clinical studies to support the claims made by the manufacturers of collagen elastin lotion. There are clinical studies proving the effectiveness of CYNERGY TK. Volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60 participated in the studies. The most amazing results were seen in people with the biggest problems.

In as little as three days, skin-cell production increased by as much as 160%. After only 18 days, firmness increased by as much as 42%, while the skin's ability to retain moisture increased by 14% over that period.

When it comes to moisture content, a collagen elastin lotion containing glycerin might increase the skin's moisture level by about 5%. CYNERGY TK was shown to increase moisture by over 20% after the first application.

The problem with most moisturizers is that the affect is very temporary. The improvement will be gone, if it is measured again 24 hours later. CYNERGY TK has a lasting affect. 24 hours later, almost the same improvement is still seen.

When you read about everything that Cynergy TK products can do, it seems almost too good to be true. But, unlike the claims made for a collagen elastin lotion, these claims are supported by reports from volunteers and the observations made by clinical observers. In other words, it's a fact.

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who has spent the last several years researching natural skin care products in an effort to find the best skin care products available for her patients. For more information visit


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