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Why is it Necessary to Have First Aid Trained Staff at the Workplace?

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Author: Amy Nutt

Accidents happen at the workplace. There is really nothing that anyone can do about it because if there were, then accidents wouldn't exist. Everyone would be perfect. But people get cut, they fall down, they strain different parts of their body, and they break bones. That is just a short list of the various injuries that can happen on the job. It also depends on the occupation. A job in the heavy labor industry is one in which there may be the most injuries. However, the retail industry has its fair share as well because there are customers moving in and out and there are usually a lot of employees in one location.

And because all of these injuries can happen in the workplace, it is important that there are members of the staff trained in first aid.

The benefits

There are various benefits to having staff trained in first aid. First of all, those staff members can tend to the wounds of someone injured on the property. This can include bandaging a wound in a sanitary way, tending to a sprain or a break until emergency care is acquired, and administering CPR if it is needed. There have been instances in which lives have been saved because there are members of the staff who have been trained in first aid.

What else is great is the fact that a person can be tended to until an ambulance arrives or until they are able to seek medical help.

In the retail environment, it is especially beneficial to have first aid trained employees. Both employees and customers are injured from time-to-time. Employees may cut themselves with a box cutter or they may fall off of a ladder. The customers may slip and fall on spilled substances or from rainwater that has been tracked in on the floor. There are also times in which a customer may have a health condition and they pass out or they have a weak moment while shopping. Without a first aid trained staff, these situations can be even more challenging for the staff.

Training in first aid

If you're wondering how you can become trained in first aid, look for programs within your community. There are some employers now who bring in trainers to train their staff in first aid, otherwise you are left to your own devices.

But why should you be the one to train in first aid when there are going to be people within your company who don't?

Well, the answer to this question is simple - You increase your value to the company. If you ever decide to switch jobs, this is something that you can add to your job application. When you have that you are trained in first aid on your job application, you increase your chances of getting the job. You may even increase the amount of pay that you get. This makes taking first aid classes in your community very much worth the time and the money that it requires. You may find that it's one of the best moves that you have made for your career.

Utilizing your skills

Once you're trained in first aid, you will find that there is a time in which you must utilize those skills. Many hope that they don't have to, but know that you are doing something great for someone when you do. You could possibly save someone's life and, when you do that, they will always be grateful for what you've done for them. You'll be glad that you were there to help them out when they needed help.

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