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Why Most Diets Cannot Lose Weight Permanently?

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Author: Joshua Gan

At last I have know the reasons why normal dieting plans won't work and I will tell you why these 3 diet plans mostly do not work for people who really want to lose weight.

There are 3 known dieting plans: Low Calorie Diet, Low Fat Diet and Low Carb Diet. These dieting plans won't really lose weight.

Why Low Calorie Diet Won't Work For You

The main reason you cannot lose the extra weight by taking less calories each day is because your body metabolism will eventually know how much is your calorie intake and start to burn less calories each day.

Example, if you reduce your calories intake by 1,000 and start eating 2,000 calories per day, your body will notice soon and cause you metabolism to burn 2,000 calories instead of 3,000. Even if you reduce your calories intake further by 1,000, your body will automatically adjust your metabolism rate to burn only 1,000 calories. This is why you may not see the result you want by not able to eat the food you love.

While you see some of your friends who eat 4,000 calories, food they love but they do not gain much weight.

Why Low Fat Diet Won't Work

You won't lose weight or that fat around your waist by using Low Fat Diet. Even though low fat foods have been popular for more than 15 years, but how many people actually lose weight or fat by adopting low fat diet. Instead some people are getting fatter by taking low fat food. Why suffer by taking low fat food you do not like when you do not see the results. I would suggest that if you use this low fat diet plan and not lose any weight or fat, stop it. Do not waste time or effort on things that do not work.

Low Carb Diet Won't Work

Actually low carb diet make you miserable. You might probably find it very hard to get slim using this low carb diet plan. Maybe they are too strict and too difficult to follow for most people.

Why is low carb diet plan strict? Do you know that a good low carb dieting plan means you cannot even eat a large apple for the first two weeks. And there are many food you cannot eat. How will you enjoy a meal with your friends, family and love ones by following low carb dieting plan?

Therefore normal dieting plans won't help you to lose weight easily and permanently.

So how to lose weight permanently? I believe most of you are search for the answer, especially mothers who have given birth to children. Most of you may want to lose weight by dieting as you may not have extra time to spend in cardio exercise to lose weight. Dieting seems to be the best way to lose weight as it is not time consuming. But why most of you are unable to lose weight using dieting plans? You do not know the facts about your body metabolism, how it works and how to cause your body to work for you and not against you.

There is a little secret about dieting. It is known as calories shifting. What it means is deceiving your body about your calories intake and then your body metabolism will continue to burn higher calories even though you are taking less calories.

Example, you have managed to deceive your body to burn 4,000 calories each day, and you start to take 2,000 calories each day, your body metabolism will continue to burn 4,000 calories each day. That means you are burning more calories, extra 2,000 calories!

This little secret is not known. If you know how to use this secret in your diet, you will be amaze and glad.

May you have success to your weight loss.

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