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Why Okinawa Coral Calcium?

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Author: Jackie Johnson

There are many reasons Bob Barefoot chose Okinawa Coral Calcium for the products sold through Coral Calcium. Not only are the ingredients from Japan but they are manufactured in the United States which is a positive thing for many reasons.

Okinawa Coral Calcium is considered to be the Gold Standard by the country of Japan. It is highly and strictly regulated by the government officials and not easily accessible. The products offered by Bob Barefoot contain this ingredient straight from Japan off of the islands. This ingredient is used because it is of the highest quality and the highest quantity of high grade Sango mineral powder. It is a natural mineral product from the remains of the dead coral that has sloughed from a reefs around the islands. This is the real and authentic thing and can only be found online at

The reason Bob Barefoot has decided to go all the way to Okinawa, Japan to find this product is because it is the real thing. No one should consume or apply anything to their body that is not natural. This product provides the true benefits Americans need to be able to take advantage of so they can live a healthy life and enjoy longevity. Many of these benefits include being easy to use, fast service with the company, removing acidic build up, an all in one product so it is easy to take, and it helps keep someone looking and feeling young. Okinawa Coral Calcium contains components already found in the body in the correct proportions and it is replenishing deficiencies the body already has. There is an abundance of reasons people need to take this product.

The authentic Bob Barefoot products that contain Okinawa Coral Calcium can be purchased on the Internet at This is the best solution to shopping because it provides total convenience and an easy way to find it. People don't have to search through health food shops to find the right product when it can be found here. These products can also be purchased over the phone at 1-800-510-4074. This number is toll free.

There are many scam artists out there trying to sell copycat products because they can never produce anything to match the quality of these products. The only way to tell the products are the real thing is by looking at the left side of the product label for the correct bar code. Bob Barefoot's face is on the front with his signature. No other product on the market shows a label like this.

Coral Calcium Direct is the distributor who has the authentic Bob Barefoot Coral Calcium products that someone can benefit from. There are many benefits and many ways the body can benefit through these products. They are manufactured by Bob Barefoot in the U.S., the Coral Calcium comes straight from Okinawa Japan and they use the authentic ingredients to provide total health for the body in many ways. People can enjoy these health benefits but it is important to know it is the real thing. Pay attention to the label to be sure it is not a copycat product and only shop on the right website that has all of the products from Bob Barefoot.

Coral Calcium is one of the few authorized suppliers of Robert Barefoot's "Coral Calcium Supreme" and "Bob's Best Coral Calcium 200 mg". For more information on Okinawa coral calcium visit


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