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Why Wear Weights?

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Author: Linda Hibbard

Why Wear Weights During Exercise?

We all know that exercise increases the amount of exertion and calorie burn. Adding additional weight to the exercise increases exertion, work load and the amount of calories burned. Plus, the extra weight affects the muscles involved to work against the resistance (weights) which builds muscle tone/size, strength and fitness.

Why Wear Weights During Everyday Activities?

Weight loss occurs when you burn more calories each day than you consume. The calories burned depend on both your level of activity and your body weight. The more someone weighs, the more calories he or she burns during all activities. Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) is the name for calories a person burns through their activities of daily living. Increasing an individual's weight load increases these calories burned. The ADLR (Activities of Daily Living Resistance) Study conducted in 2005 by Ayaz Virji, M.D. and Sharon Phillips, MSPH, confirmed an increase of 14% in caloric expenditure when wearable weights were added (calorie expenditure varies according to the amount of weight added). Mind you, that means you can increase your energy expenditure approximately 14% by just wearing additional weights, i.e.; BodyTogs or Walkvest.

The Walkvest is recommended by Chiropractors, Physical Therapists and Doctors. Wearing The Walkvest during exercise and/or daily activities strengthens the heart, increases weight loss, weight loss maintenance and increases bone and muscle strength.

What is The Walkvest?

The Walkvest is a vest with weight pockets strategically located around the waist so the added weight is distributed evenly for comfort and safety. The Walkvest can be worn during walking, exercise or just during regular daily activities. The vest holds anywhere from 1/2 pound to 16 pounds of removable weights in it's pockets.

What are BodyTogs?

BodyTogs are ergonomically correct weighted "sleeves" worn on the calves and forearms. They fit snugly and comfortably right under your clothing. Their unique no show design ensures no one knows you are wearing them. Tiny weights are evenly distributed around the entire BodyTogs sleeve for balance and comfort. The small weights are sewn in place and are not removable.

The extra pounds of BodyTogs automatically increase the amount of calories you burn just from going about your day. Whatever your daily activities: house cleaning, shopping, working, running errands, and even exercising, BodyTogs will enhance daily calorie burn. Now you can "wear your workout wherever you go".

The innovative design of BodyTogs was developed by Ayaz Virji, MD, a board certified Bariatric physician who specializes in weight management.

Build Bone Density

By wearing extra weight your bones are forced to grow denser and stronger, which helps prevent osteoporosis. "Oregon State University Study found that elderly women can halt bone loss by exercising wearing wearable weights."


In today's world where 60% of the population struggles with obesity, we should take advantage of the scientific facts and use wearable weights to help with weight loss and weight loss maintenance. Our metabolisms are slowing and the ability to make the needed lifestyle changes continues to be difficult. We need all the help we can get. I use "wearable weights" and can see the difference in my daily struggle to keep my weight at a healthy and fit level.

Linda Hibbard holds certificates in Personal Training and Lifestyle/Weight Management. Innovative health and fitness products for men and women are available through her website at


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