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Why Would I Choose an Irish Ring When Aging?

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Author: Scott Wilhelmy

With so many different types and styles of rings out there, you may be asking yourself why you would want to choose an Irish Ring above all of the other designs out there. Well, there is the fact that you might originally come from Ireland and will only buy jewelry that is specifically made in the Emerald Isle because you know the quality is top notch; and feel that you will not be able to get anything better anywhere else. Another reason that you might choose to buy an Irish Ring is that you are simply fascinated or captivated by the Claddagh or any of the other designs that are native to Ireland and really symbolize the Emerald Isles perfectly.

I would like to find an Irish Ring that has shamrocks

This is easy, as the most people equate the lovely little shamrock to the Emerald Isle automatically without thinking twice about it. Is it any wonder that people really want to find rings, key chains and anything else that has this beautiful little plant on or in it? There is a very beautiful Stainless Steel Titanium (combination) Sandblasted Shamrock Irish Ring that you can find that looks to be what you are asking about. This ring will appeal to the Lads as well as the Lasses with those little shamrocks all around the band. What makes this ring so beautiful is the sandblasting that was used in the manufacturing process to give the recessed part of the band something of a frosted or dulled look while the shamrocks themselves and the edges are shimmering.

I want a Claddagh ring without anything else in the design

This is not something that is that hard to find either as the Claddagh design is just as well known as coming exclusively from Ireland. There are many different sizes of this fascinating symbol of Friendship, Love and Loyalty out there that are not that hard to find in any jewelry store, catalog or website that specializes in jewelry. If you are looking for a Puffed Heart Claddagh Irish Ring you are in luck here, as there is just such a ring on this site that has the classic Claddagh design with the Heart in the center being slightly puffed out. This is available in sizes 4 through 10.

I am looking for a Birthstone Claddagh Irish Ring

I want to find a Birthstone Claddagh Irish Ring for myself to celebrate my birthday in Irish style and as a gift for someone very special to me; where can I find these? That is pretty easy to find as the Claddagh rings are also made with an Emerald that forms the Heart at the center of the design, as the Emerald is as much a symbol of the Emerald Isle as the Claddagh and the Shamrock are.

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Have you made up your mind yet about which Irish Ring you want now? It really is not surprising if you still have not made your choice yet.

Why Would I Choose An Irish Ring when aging? Because Irish Rings from are only the finest quality, like the great Claddagh Ring.


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