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Wny Anti-Wrinkle Creams With Collagen and Elastin Are a Waste of Money

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Author: Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum

Buying anti-wrinkle creams containing collagen and elastin is a waste of money. You want something that stimulates collagen production with the skin. To do that, you need to stimulate the production of new cells. There's a way to do that, safely.

When you understand how the cells of the body work, it is easy to understand why anti-wrinkle creams containing collagen and elastin are not beneficial. The cells of the body produce peptides, (short chains of amino acids) known as pro-collagen. The pro-collagen is then secreted into the space around the cell, where other peptides become attached to it and tropocollagen is formed.

The tropocollagen molecules automatically assemble into larger arrays called fibrils. The fibrils bundle together to form fibers. So, when we want something that stimulates collagen fiber production, we first need something that will stimulate the production of new cells.

Anti-wrinkle creams containing collagen and elastin are derived from animal skins or marine life. If they contained tropocollagen, they might bind with the skin's own to form new fibrils, but that's not what they contain.

Tropocollagen is used in some medical procedures, but they are extracted from the skin of very young animals and that is not the case with most skincare products. Most people wouldn't like the idea of slaughtering young animals to improve their appearance, anyway.

There is a type of bio-active peptide that stimulates the production of new cells, which in turn stimulates collagen production. The peptides are gently extracted from sheep's wool and processed in a manner that allows them to remain bio-active, throughout the process and all the way into your bottle.

The process was developed and patented by a company called KERATEC. Their team of researchers has published a number of scientific studies. The ones that pertain to the skin include an ingredient called Functional Keratin.

The results of clinical studies were exciting enough to encourage a health supplement company to develop and begin distributing a line of anti-aging skincare products. Creams containing Functional Keratin have been shown to increase skin cell proliferation by as much as 160% in as little as three days. This, of course, stimulates collagen production, as well.

Anti-wrinkle creams containing collagen and elastin are supposed to improve firmness. Those containing Functional Keratin improve firmness by over 40% in less than three weeks. These were short term studies, so firmness could continue to improve over time.

Even though they were short term studies, there is no question about the safety of long-term use. One of the safest, most hypoallergenic ingredients in skincare products is a pharmaceutical grade of lanolin, which is extracted from sheep's wool.

Avocado oil also stimulates collagen. The best night creams contain avocado oil and Functional Keratin, along with a pharmaceutical grade of Shea butter, which has been shown to soften, smooth and reduce wrinkles in as little as four weeks. I can vouch for it myself.

So, now that you know about the alternatives to anti-wrinkle creams containing collagen and elastin, you'll be looking better in no time.

Dr. Valerie Rosenbaum is a dermatologist who has spent the last several years researching natural skin care products in an effort to find the best skin care products available for her patients. For more information visit


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