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Women's Surf Camp Vacations - Awaken Your Inner Surf Betty!

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Author: Kelcey Parker

Ladies - cancel your reservations to New York! You've seen plenty of Broadway shows and already spent your future children's inheritance on designer shoes. You've had enough sedentary ass-fattening holidays that make you feel worse about yourself because you can't fit into your new $300 jeans by the time you get home! It's getting tired and old. It's time to re-purpose that credit card once and for all. Get your girlfriends and go to Costa Rica! Everything is waiting... Your luxury surfing vacation is enough to make any surfer dude jealous, and when you catch your first wave, I promise you will be a changed woman forever!

Costa Rica has been a Mecca for surfers ever since being popularized in the classic surf film Endless Summer. Back then those guys had it all to themselves, but they had to work for it! Those places were more or less unknown to the mainstream surf industry, and you had to get there on your own! Surfing those same places is a whole lot easier since the Costa Rican infrastructure has grown to accommodate a bustling surf travel industry.

One question: "what was missing from that famous surf movie?"

Got it? O.K., I will spare you any further agony caused by that rhetorical question... The answer is: "women surfers!"

Things have really changed and women today are surfing just as well as the guys (well, almost), and traveling around the world in search of waves. Costa Rica has turned out to be home to several top notch surf camps for women, and group after group of ladies are returning home with tight, tanned bodies, and a taste for saltwater.

The beautiful beaches of Mal Pais, Santa Theresa, Jaco, Domincal and Playa Hermosa are all home to reputable women's surf camps. Having been to all of these places and traveled the country extensively, I have to recommend Mal Pais as a Surf destination. Miles of un-crowded beaches stretch from Playa Carmen all the way up to Santa Theresa, with plenty of space for beginners and experts, and the vibe is relaxed and friendly.

Surf Camp Vacations for women provide the whole luxury package including meals, massage, yoga, swimming pools, beautiful rooms, and expert surf instruction. The surf camps are owned and operated by women, so no danger of getting hit on while you're trying to stand up on your surfboard! After all, you're here to surf and relax. Right?

Don't worry! Mal Pais has a easy, laid back night-life, there's always something to do if you want to get out and dance, go to a beach party, or just sip wine in a great Italian restaurant. There immediate area also has a grocery store, and a few shops, an Internet café or two and just about everything else you will need during your stay.

Safety is always an issue for women traveling in Central and South America, which is why Costa Rica is home to so many women's surf camps; it's one of the safest countries in that part of the world. Abide by the same basic common sense rules that you would follow anywhere, and you'll be fine. Most surf camps will arrange for your travel to and from Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose, which takes the pressure off if you are at all nervous about traveling in a new place.

Your surf camp vacation is full of surprises! Costa Rica is a rich and diverse country, and you will see all kinds of wildlife on your trip. Howler monkeys bustle around in the trees above occasionally pausing for a little staring contest if you're up to the challenge, iguanas, exotic birds, crocodiles, and the friendly neighborhood surf camp dog all call this place home.

Ask your surf camp matriarch about some day trips... from the camps in Mal Pais, you are just about an hour and a half from Montezuma, a little village with a bohemian vibe which is well worth a visit. There is a waterfall not far from where the surf camps are and if you're there at the right time of year, the nearby town of Cubuya has a festival with rides and food which is fun!

Conviced? I hope so... Who wants to be a tourist all the time. This trip is different, you are an active participant in a great sport. And guess what? I've saved the best for last... women's bodies are perfect for balancing on a surfboard with their low center of gravity. So, now you're getting on board right? Literally.

Costa Rica Surf Guru Kelcey Parker has traveled extensively in Costa Rica and around the world. Find out more about some great Women's Surf Camps at and learn about an empowering alternative vacation for women who don't take life sitting down.


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