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Workout Myths Debunked

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Author: Jill Hudson

Working out is hard enough without a lot of the false advertising and just bad advice out there. A lot of what you hear and hold to be true about working out and losing weight is just not right. I want to go over some of the more common myths there are floating around out there about working out and set the story straight. Having the right information is the first step to reaching your goals.

One of the most common myths I hear is that you have to workout everyday. In fact a lot of people think that if they miss a day of working out they have completely blown their routine and they might as well just give up. Nothing could be further from the truth. Working out actually tears down the muscles. That is ok and is actually what you are trying to do when working out. The way to build more muscle and burn fat is to repeatedly tear down the body and allow the body's natural systems to rebuild itself stronger than it was before you started. So it is only common sense that missing a workout here and there is great for the body's ability to heal itself. Missing a workout every now and then is actually a good thing. You really need the extra time and rest to reach your goals.

Another common misperception about exercise and specifically the diet portion of a workout routine is that you have to eat rabbit food. I know that the thought of eating healthy is not appealing on the surface but you have to keep in mind that a lot of our preconceived notions come from the world of advertising. Advertising companies associate healthy eating with bad thoughts and so called rabbit food because they can make more money if we are good little consumers who buy the highly processed junk that they can mass produce. The truth is that there are a whole host of foods that are delicious and healthy for you at the same time. In addition in order to build muscle you almost have to eat good proteins. So instead of eating rabbit food you really should eat the rabbit! OK I know that might not be appealing to some but my point is that the high quality protein sources like lean beef and clean fish are very good and are definitely not rabbit food.

Finally the idea that you have to do cardio first thing in the morning for it to be effective is just false. I admit that I like doing cardio first thing in the morning and that I feel it has an extra benefit in that you are working on an empty stomach(with maybe some coffee to kick start your metabolism) but to say that cardio done later in the day is not effective is misleading and wrong. You can get great benefit from cardio later in the day. Sure if you do your workout later in the day you will be burning some calories from food and not from your fat stores but keep in mind that the benefit is that the food will be used up by the body and will not go to further increase your fat stores. Energy in and energy out, it is silly to think that there is no benefit to cardio in the afternoon.

When you hear some exercise advice make sure you take it with a grain of salt and search for your own truth. Knowing the truth will keep you on track to your fitness goals.

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