10 Best Stiff Neck Pain Relief Stretches

A stiff neck can cause tightness, pain & loss of motion. Many of the neck muscles go down into the shoulders and can cause tightness there as well. These stretches may help relieve neck & shoulder pain. Buy a worksheet with these stretches: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/stiff-neck-relief-worksheet

Starting off with cervical or neck motion will help get the muscles warmed up and moving. Cervical rotation, cervical side bend, cervical flexion, and cervical extension will stretch and warm up all the muscles surrounding the neck.

Next, chin tucks are a great stretch and exercise to help reset the neck muscles. These are especially great for posture and people who work at a computer or do a lot of gaming.

Then go into full stretches where you hold the position for 30 seconds. Upper trapezius, levator scapulae, and scalene stretches are great stretches to help relieve tightness.

Finally, the last two stretches will help get the rotation movement of not only the neck, but also the upper back or thoracic area as well.

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10 Best Stiff Neck Pain Relief Stretches:


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