10 Foods That Boost Immune System (Kill Pathogens & Viruses)

In this video we explore the top 10 foods that boost the immune system to kill pathogens and viruses.

Keeping a strong and healthy immune system is essential if you want to protect your body against harmful microbes, such as viruses, harmful bacteria and toxins.

Junk foods, stress, overeating and poor sleeping habits can weaken the immune system which makes you more likely to catch an infection or develop an autoimmune disease, so it’s important that you understand how to boost your immune system using the following foods and nutrients.

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▶️ 1. Garlic
▶️ 2. Bell Peppers
▶️ 3. Wild Salmon
▶️ 4. Coconut Oil
▶️ 5. Beef Liver
▶️ 6. Sauerkraut
▶️ 7. Pasture Raised Eggs
▶️ 8. Bone Broth
▶️ 9. Oysters
▶️ 10. Avocados


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⏰ Timestamps:

00:00 – Intro
01:11 – 1. Garlic
01:40 – 2. Bell Peppers
02:17 – 3. Wild Salmon
02:45 – 4. Coconut Oil
03:25 – 5. Beef Liver
04:18 – 6. Sauerkraut
05:19 – 7. Pasture Raised Eggs
05:55 – 8. Bone Broth
06:34 – 9. Oysters
07:06 – 10. Avocados
07:48 – Extra Tips


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