Affirmations Of A Clean and Orderly Home

Decluttering: The Magic of Taking Care of Yourself

I know that peace starts with my willingness to accept peace in my life. I know that help starts with my willingness to accept health into my life I know that happiness starts with my willingness to accept happiness into my life. I accept this all with gratitude as part of my divine plan, improving myself on a daily basis, I’m learning new things and new skills, I’m patient I’m kind. I take care of myself on a daily basis. I take excellent care of my body on a daily basis I take care of myself by showering and doing my hair. I brush and floss my teeth. I dress in clothes that fit me and make me feel proud of the magnificent body I’m in charge. When I change clothes. I fold them or hang them up. I thank them for honoring the magnificent body they protect. I put my shoes away and I thank them for protecting my feet. I thank them for the comfort and support they provide. The Universe Has Big Plans For You Click Here To Find Out More About You

Decluttering Makes Me Smile – A Sacred Time in a Place Where I

I thank my toothbrush for cleaning my teeth and keeping my gums and my teeth healthy, to show appreciation, I rinse the toothpaste off, and I wipe my toothbrush down before putting it away. This is a way that’s, always clean and ready to serve me againI care for my bathroom vanity by putting away, my lotions and my hair items. After each use, I wipe down the bathroom sink andthe vanity.I love keeping a clean space.My bathroom sink and morning routine is a sacred time in a placein which I connect through the mirror with my higher self. I keep the place clean and holywhen.I see my magnificent self in the bathroommirror I smile and I wave and I see the mirroredversion smiling and waving back hello.My friendI celebrate you today I celebrate the light.Andlove you bring into this world Im so glad you’rehere and every time I pass a mirror at any timeduring the day I look in and I smile and there’sa friendly smile smiling back hello.My friendI am grateful for you today.You bring me so muchjoy. The Universe Has Big Plans For You Click Here To Find Out More About You

Decluttering: A Sacred Place to Reflect on My Success

I know that my mirror ritual is a safe andsacred place that will always provide a warm andfriendly face that is genuinely happy to see.Mei have the power to change.I take care, ofmyself, Im, naturally confident and successfulIm grateful for all that I have in mylife.I am constantly growing and developingI use positive self-talk on a daily basisI.Believe in me.I love and respect myselfand.I don’t let other people take advantage of meI encourage myself and others to create and followhealthy boundaries.This allows us to serveone another without overstepping or enablingunhealthy.Behaviors Im fully confident in who Iam I pay attention to the good things in my lifeI am at peace with who I am Ichoose to forgive myself and othersI am respectful to others.I take responsibilityfor my thoughts for my feelings and my emotionsIm, compassionate with myself.Im patientwith myself, I love myself, I am healthyI, am wealthy and Im wise.My body is beautifuland. The Universe Has Big Plans For You Click Here To Find Out More About You

Decluttering: The Magic of Patience

I take time to relax before I go to bed and when I go to bed at night.I open my mind, tothe possibilities of learning something newwhile.I sleep.I listen to a tape and I openmy mind that all the information I needwill come to me while Im resting andthat my body and my brain be rejuvenatedwhen.I awake, I will feel refreshed.Andi will be ready to take on the new day.I practice patience each day I am at peacewith myself.I take care of my physical bodyI live each day in the present moment.I bringevery moment my best.I am the co-creator of mylife and I am here to create something awesome, Imake, good decisions.Today I make good decisionsevery day because I am wise.I learn from thelessons that I have learned and I take turnsto apply the new things.Ive learned and usethem wisely.I live in a world where I am valuedI have inner peace.I am stress-free, I amdebt-free.I am comfortable with myself.

Decluttering can help clear your mind and focus

My home is organized and in harmony I only keepthe things I need and use on a regular basismy mind is clear and focused.I am on purposeand on task.I set goals and I break them downinto small steps that are easy to do.I work from aschedule and I plan my schedule a week in advanceI keep all of my appointments.I set alarmsto, keep me on task and when the alarm soundsI jump with joy, knowing Ive accomplishedmy goals on time, I am on time and on targetI remove the clutter from my home I deservea tidy and clean home.I am organizedmy home is free of clutter.My house is cleanI, keep my workplace tidy.My desk is cleanand free of clutter.All of the drawers andall of the closets in my home are cleanand tidy.Everything is organized, and everything is in its proper placethings.I don’t have room for I remove from mylife.I discard them if Im no longer using themand everything I keep, has a place and is in itsproper place.

Decluttering my home is an investment of the life I was designed to.

My desk is clean and free of clutter.My kitchen table is clean and free of cluttermy countertops are clean and free of cluttermy kitchen sink is clean and free of cluttermy, bathroom sink and vanity are cleanand free of clutter.I deserve a clean placeto live.I am worthy of a clean place to liveI deserve a tidy place to live everything.Iown has a place.Everything is in its placeIm in control of my life Im, a master managerof.My time I always show up on time.I meet allmy deadlines on time.I am efficient andI turn my projects in before they’re dueIm, a highly organized person.I am incontrol of my surroundings.I am loveI am light.I am organized my life isharmonious.My life is balanced.My life is peaceI, enjoy my time.Cleaning Cleaning, my home isan investment of the life I was designed to liveIm worthy of a clean home Im worthyof.

Easily Cleaning Comes Naturally to Those Who Are Balanced and in.

My effort I’m worthy of my energy I am worthy of my self-care I’m worthy of my, nourishment I am worthy of my well-being I am worthy of my happiness. I am worthy of harmony, I am worthy of peace. I am worthy of showing myself, love. Now I am worthy of life. I have been given and honored that I choose to live in a clean and tidy space. I choose to live a healthy and, nourished body. I choose to improve things and learn: I’m continually learning new things and implementing them. I choose to be creative, choose to be happy. I choose to be at peace. Living in a clean home makes me feel good, and I find it easy to clean. I allow myself and find it easy to organize I allow myself and find it easy to be. Balanced am in the flowing cleaning. My home is easy. And effortless cleaning, my home comes naturally to me, naturally desire a clean and tidy place to live living in a clean. Homemakers me feel great cleaning.

Decluttering is a joyous experience. The Universe Has Big Plans For You Click Here To Find Out More About You

My home is fun for me once cleaned, I maintain the areas of my home if. I see anything on the floor I pick it up and put it away I keep all my clothes picked up and put away. Take all the dishes to the kitchen when I finish using them, I wash them knowing, will never be easier than right. Now I live in a home of harmony and balance. Being kind to myself by keeping a clean home-cleaning is a joyous experience for me. I love to clean and it makes me feel so good about myself I’m relaxing in my clean home when my home is clean. My heart is clean and, I feel great and in balance, on purpose, I am worthy of a clean and tidy home clean home is a celebration of the beautiful space. I live in I’m worthy of harmony worthy of a clean homeIm worthy of a balanced life. The Universe Has Big Plans For You Click Here To Find Out More About You

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