Athletic Greens Review: Why You Should AVOID Athletic Greens (AG1)

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Today I want to talk to you about a highly popular health supplement called Athletic Greens (AG1). I’ve been taking it for a month now, and I have some important insights to share. Athletic Greens claims to be the ultimate solution for all your nutritional needs, but is it really worth the hefty price tag of Β£90 a month? Let’s dive into the details.

Athletic Greens doesn’t disclose the specific amounts of the 75 ingredients it contains, making it impossible to regulate their benefits. This lack of transparency is a major concern when it comes to optimizing your nutrition.

Considering the extortionate price and the lack of transparency, I won’t be repurchasing Athletic Greens. It simply doesn’t live up to the gold standard of nutrition. If you’re interested in optimizing your health, it’s important to make informed decisions about the supplements you choose.

Join me in this video as we explore the pros and cons of Athletic Greens in detail, and discover why it might be better to reconsider your options. Don’t let marketing hype sway you. Let’s prioritize transparency and efficacy when it comes to our health.

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» Timestamps ⏱
00:00 – Introduction
00:51 – Value of Athletic Greens (AG1)
1:56 – The Proprietary Blend Problem
3:36 – The Probiotic Upsell
4:48 – Β£/Per Serving Comparison
5:28 – Β£/Per Serving Comparison: Vitamins & Minerals
5:52 – Β£/Per Serving Comparison: Superfoods
6:21 – Β£/Per Serving Comparison: Adaptogens
7:00 – Β£/Per Serving Comparison: Mushroom Complex
7:19 – Β£/Per Serving Comparison: Total
7:37 – Conclusion

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