Best Rotated Pelvis Correction Exercises

There are many reasons why a pelvis might be rotated or twisted.

What essentially happens is that one hip is turned in and the other is turned out.

The pelvis might be rotated due to a muscle imbalance or sometimes due to anatomical anomalies like a leg length discrepancy.

This video shares some simple tests you can do at home to assess if your pelvis is rotated or twisted.

Then I share some effective and simple exercises which will restore the muscle balance in the pelvis, helping to straighten it.

Time Stamp:

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Test 1 – Rotated Foot
01:25 Test 2 – Palpation ASIS
02:05 test 3 – Thigh Size
02:40 Tip 1: Lose the Wallet!
03:29 Stretch 1 – Piriformis Muscle
04:49 Intense Self Massage Piriformis Muscle
05:40 Stretch 2 – Restoring Hip Mobility
06:47 Stretch 3 – Inner Thigh
07:45 Pelvic Strengthening “One Exercise Fits All” Stage 1
08:54 Pelvic Strengthening “One Exercise Fits All” Stage 2
09:35 Pelvic Strengthening “One Exercise Fits All” Stage 3
10:15 Tip 2: Avoid This Sitting Like This!
10:50 Tip 3: Avoid Standing Like This!
11:35 Outtro

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