Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Routine

Dynamic stretches to warm up before workouts

hey everybody it’s doctor jo and partied out bear, and today i’m going to show you some of my dynamic stretches for a warm up.so let’s get started.so before we get started, if you haven’t already, make sure and click on the subscribe button down there.it helps my channel grow and it allows me to continue to make videos for everybody.so dynamic stretches are really more, not that static hold stretch, you’re getting movement in it.you’re trying to warm yourself up.A lot of studies show that dynamic stretching is what you want to do before a workout or an exercise routine.so i just wanted to show you some things that i like to do so with the dynamic stretches.i usually like shorter and quicker movements when you’re standing in place.that kind of helps get those muscles warmed up, gets them ready to go.so some of the ones that i like to do are usually some exercises you might see me do, but again they’re shorter.They’re quicker movements to get you going.

Dynamic Stretching Warm Up Routine

Quick and Short Abduction/Flexion/Extension Warm-

so the first one is just going to be a front to back or flexion extension kick, but again with quicker movement.so if you want to hold on to something you can, but if you don’t want to that will give you some balance movement balance exercises as well.so keeping that leg straight, you’re just going to do a quick front to back like this.So it’s not a big slow movement.it’s really quick.so you can do this for time instead of count since you’re going really quick.you know maybe 15 to 20 seconds on one side, then you’re going to turn do 15 to 20 seconds on this side.general warm-ups only really need to be anywhere from three to five minutes long.they don’t need to be super long.so then you’re just gonna do an ad abduction which is the same for the hip, um but now you’re going side to side.so it’s the same thing, quick short movements.you can hear that my heart is getting going a little bit it’s a little bit harder to talk because i’m getting that blood flowing.

Working the Core with Dynamic Stretches

i’m getting those muscles loosened up.Again, you don’t have to count maybe just do a time or just go to you feel that nice burn in there.and then i’m going to start doing some movement with the dynamic stretches.so another one i like is what i call a soldier march.so soldier march is keeping the leg straight, but i’m going to add a little bit of a twist in it to start warming up my back as well.so if my right leg goes, out i’m going to twist my left hand across my body.so it’s going to be like this.so you can go a lot further, i’m just stopping because i don’t want to go into that white nothingness on the end of the screen, but you can give yourself you know 20 25 feet of doing this.But just again getting that movement, get everything nice and warmed up.so then you’re gonna do hamstring curls with an opposite arm lift.and so before i get started i’m going to do a nice thumbnail for it.so it’s basically this so you’re just going to do opposite arm up and a kick.

Dynamic Squats and March Improve Glutes, Hamstrings, and Quad

so it doesn’t have to be a big kick, but you want to kick behind you.so you’re getting those quads, you’re getting those hip flexors moving while you’re going, and again give yourself some more room.i just don’t have a whole lot of room in here.and then you’re going to do something like side squats, starting to get the glutes the hamstrings and those kind of things.so just stepping out, coming up.so it’s a continuous movement.it’s not stop come up and step, it’s stepping out coming up, making sure you’re still doing good form with your squat.so i’m not coming way in front of my knees and my toes, but i’m really stretching everything out, getting that exercise both ways.And then i like doing a march with kind of a push off.so i’m getting my hip flexors activated.i’m getting my calves activated.so all i’m doing is when i bring this knee up, i’m coming up onto my toes.so almost like a slow motion skip.

Dynamic Stretches for a Warm Up

i’m not actually putting the hop in it, i’m just coming up this way getting that nice movement in there.again you want to really drive that knee up to get everything warmed up.you see i’m starting to get a little breathless, so i’m definitely warming myself up.and then the last one i like to do is just staying in place squat and kind of reaching up.so again make sure you’re getting that good technique with the squat.coming down and then just lifting your arms up.so you’re kind of getting that whole body into it.if you want to go lower, touch the floor, you can.just make sure you’re not really bending that back.you’re really getting that movement at your hips and your knees.there you go.so there you have it.those were some dynamic stretches for a warm up.if you’d like to help support my channel, make sure and click on the link up there, and don’t forget to subscribe, where Bear?no over here.over there yeah.and remember be safe, have fun, and i hope you feel better soon..

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