Exercise Intolerance Tips For Those Dealing with Lyme, CFS, POTs, Limbic Impairment

4 tips to getting your ability to move and enjoy exercise again.
I’ve been there myself- hardly able to walk around my house. Eventually, I had to call the bluff on my brain and decide I can and will be able to move and even exercise again. I had to decide that it was a brain state that was keeping my body from being able to tolerate exercise.
I had all of the severe symptoms- blood pressure dysregulation, tachycardia, severe fatigue, muscle shaking, neurological issues, dizziness, etc. The movement was not fun.
I finally got the courage to put my knowledge as a physical therapist into action for myself and rebuilt my ability to be active.
It was a slow and steady process.
And some days were easier than others.
But I continued to choose to move. I chose to reclaim my identity as someone who enjoys being physically active.

I always recommend a brain retraining practice as a MUST for those who are trying to get their exercise tolerance back.

These tips are some of the ways I’ve helped many regain their brain state of being able to move and be free. I provide a whole roadmap back to freedom in my Primal Trust Mentorship.

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