How to fire up the deepest core muscles (TVA)

PART 2.. How to fire up the deepest core muscles (TVA or Transverse Abdominal Muscle, Uddiyana bandha im yoga)

In the previous post I already talked about how we sometimes confuse activating the abs/six pack (rectus abdominis muscle) with the TVA.

Here’s how to activate the TVA and how to test if you are dominantly using your abs!

1. Lay comfortably down on your back with the knees bent and the feet flat. Then wrap your hands around your waist.
2. Take a deep breath, then exhale and pull your lower belly in and up towards your spine WITHOUT tucking your tailbone in and holding the rib cage in place.
3. Now lift both feet up and keep the heels in line with your knees and keep breathing.
If your TVA is working, your belly should stay flat. But if your belly rises up like a mountain range and it gets harder, then you’re dominantly using your abs (rectus abdominus).
The goal here is to also to be able to activate the TVA as much as the abs. Because that is your main stabilizing core muscle to protect and hold up your spine, not the abs.

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