How to Relieve TMJ & Jaw Pain | Reflexology

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So foot reflexology for TMJ and jaw pain. Primarily the points you’re going to want to focus on are the toes. So on the toes, right around the nail are the reflexes to the teeth, the jaw, and all through here. There’s the upper jaw and there is the lower jaw. So with the upper jaw, it’s actually going to be right under that nail. So let’s look at the first toe, or the great toe. You can finger walk right under there. Now if you want to do the lower jaw you could actually just come down a little bit, also on the top of the toe. You can actually do all the toes. If you do all the toes you can do with with the thumb if you want to go a little deeper, the thumb walking right below the toes, and then on the bottom again for the lower jaw. For the upper jaw, and then the lower jaw. Those are the basic points. I always feel like if there is this kind of jaw pain, I give attention to all the toes. The neck, the sinus, the head, so the neck is all through here, you can thumbwalk up and across, you could go up more towards like the brain reflexes and the head reflexes, the sinus reflexes all the way down to more neck reflexes and all the way around just to detail a little bit more. And certainly you know if you do have TMJ or jaw pain, it’s certainly, reflexology such a great complementary practice that you can do on your own as well, certainly on your hands as well in the same areas, just take even your knuckle and go across and just find, find the pain and meet that pain threshold and don’t go beyond that. And then certainly talk to your dentist. There may be something very simple you can do regarding you know a guard or doing some very subtle craniosacral work that can open up also the TMJ. So there’s definitely other modalities and disciplines that can work really nicely with reflexology as well.