How to test and use an earthing or grounding mat plus my health experience from using one

How to test and use a grounding mat for health benefits and what has been my experience.
I watched the video after I uploaded it and the wiring is not as clearly explained as it should have been.
On the multimeter, there is a black ground lead plugged into COM or the ground. The probe end of the black lead from the multimeter has attached to it a green wire with an alligator clip. One end of the green wire is attached to the probe end of the black ground lead and the other end of the green wire is attached to a machine screw that was inserted into the ground hole of the electric plug receptacle. By doing this I grounded the multimeter in the same way the mat is grounded.
The red lead on the multimeter is the positive lead and is held in the hand. The white wire is attached to the grounding mat with a metal snap and has the other end inserted into an electrical receptacle in the ground hole. All of the receptacles were tested with the receptacle tester. When the mat is grounded and the multimeter is grounded and the red positive lead is held in one hand and the other hand touches the mat the voltage reading which is the amount of voltage in my body declines dramatically. When I test the mat in my bed away from electronics the reading will go to zero or close to it.
Here is the grounding mat I bought on amazon
Grounding Mat Kit -Universal Grounding Mat (10 x 26.7″) for Healthy Grounding Energy with Grounding Wristband and 15ft Straight Cords, Reduce Inflammation, Improve Sleep and Helps with Anxiety

Here is the cool little electrical outlet tester
GE 50542 Receptacle Tester, 3-Wire Light Improper Wiring Indicator, Gray/Yellow

Here is the multitester I used
AstroAI Digital Multimeter, TRMS 4000 Counts Volt Meter (Manual and Auto Ranging); Measures Voltage Tester, Current, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency; Tests Diodes, Temperature (Red)

Here is a link to the health study on grounding and earthing published in the National Institute of Health

Here is a link to my review video playlist of the stuff I have reviewed over the years.

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