How well Water and Soil conduct Electricity / Electrical Earthing (Grounding) Science Experiment

This science experiment shows electrical conductivity of soil and how well dry and wet ground (soil) conducts electricity. Also you will better understand how grounding (earthing) works. Light bulb is connected with one wire to the live (hot) wire, another wire is grounded with wet ground using regular water, and salt water.
It is possible to transmit electricity using Single-wire transmission line, in this way Single wire earth return (SWER) or single wire ground return works. Touching ground with line (hot) wire can be dangerous due Earth Potential Rise (EPR) also called ground potential rise (GPR) occurs when a large current flows to earth through an earth grid impedance. The potential relative to a distant point on the Earth is highest at the point where current enters the ground, and declines with distance from the source.

Watch my another video about water conductivity: