Ido Portal: The Science & Practice of Movement | Huberman Lab Podcast #77

My guest is Ido Portal, the world’s foremost expert on human movement. Ido has spent a lifetime studying, combining and evolving elements from an enormous range of martial arts, dance genres, athletic endeavors, and science, to develop a unified theory and practice of movement called “The Ido Portal Method.” Here we discuss all things movement, including the role of the nervous system, reflexive versus deliberate movement patterns, and the link between emotions and awareness in movement. We also discuss learning and neuroplasticity, the mind-body connection and how movement itself can be leveraged toward expanding other types of skills- cognitive, creative and otherwise. As one of the most sought out teachers of movement alive today, the knowledge Ido shares in this conversation can benefit everyone—children, adults, athletes, dancers, clinicians and trainers and the everyday person.

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Watch Ido Portal lead Andrew through his movement practice:

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The Role of Variability in Motor Learning:

00:00:00 Ido Portal, Movement & Movement Practice
00:03:30 AG1 (Athletic Greens), ROKA, Helix Sleep
00:07:49 What is Movement?
00:10:56 Movement & the Body-Mind Connection
00:14:47 Entry Points to Movement
00:18:08 Early Education in Movement: Awareness, Play & Examination
00:21:19 Stillness, Movement & the Environment, Playfulness
00:31:34 Unique Postures, Types of Movement, Contents vs. Containers
00:40:50 Discomfort: Marker of Movement, Failures & Learning
00:47:05 Movement Diversity, Squat Challenge, Injury, Movement Evolution
00:56:36 Animal & Human Movements, Gain & Change
01:02:04 Core Movement, Emotion & Memory, Spinal Waves, Evolution
01:12:39 Song, Dance & Complex Language, Movement as Language, Consilience
01:21:39 Movement Culture, Community, Collective Knowledge, Wild & Wise
01:26:36 Potential for Movement, “Humming”
01:32:18 Instructiveness vs Permissiveness, Degrees of Freedom
01:35:50 Variety, Diversity & Virtuosity
01:38:06 Vision & Movement, Focus & Awareness, Panoramic Awareness
01:48:28 Hearing & Movement
01:52:43 Walking Gaits
01:56:55 Playful Variability & Evolution, Improvisation & Openness
02:03:05 Reactivity & Personal Space, Touch & Proximity to Others, Play & Discomfort
02:18:13 Visualization & Experience, Feedback
02:20:14 Linear Movement & Movement Investigation, Examination
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