Jump game | Leetcode #55 | Valley peak approach

This video explains a very important programming interview problem which is to find if it is possible to jump indices of an array and reach the last index of array or not. We have some given constraints which are, we can’t jump from 0 valued index and that we always start at index 0. I have shown the solution using backtracking intuition and a very beautiful observation using valley peak approach. I have taken easily comprehend-able examples and finally explained the code for the same. As usual, CODE LINK is given in the description below. If you find any difficulty or have any query then do COMMENT below. This problem is from Day 25 of the leetcode 30 days April coding challenge. PLEASE help our channel by SUBSCRIBING and LIKE our video if you found it helpful…CYA πŸ™‚

CODE LINK: https://gist.github.com/SuryaPratapK/c770150c3ffa81bf729fd30dfa6bdfb3