Power Athlete Radio Ep. 429 // Programming Tutorial: The Importance of Primal Movements

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We get it, reducing an infinite array of movement into 7 specific movement patterns may seem like unrealistically reductionist approach to training. But it’s not. And Power Athlete’s global network of athletes and coaches is proof of that. In life, there are those who choose to overcomplicate to protect their craft, and those who choose to simplify it to quickly educate their prodigies. Power Athlete takes the latter approach.

Tune into this episode of Power Athlete Radio to hear Tex and Luke break down the breakdown of all human movement.

To best educate coaches, and evaluate programming, John Welbourn has leveraged Primal Movements since first writing programming online in 2008. Careful consideration and balancing of Primals and Planes of Motion is what is responsible for most of the magic in all of Power Athlete’s daily programs. Simplifying all movement into 7 Primal Movements is also how we’ve managed to simplify program design for our coaches so they can be maximally effective, and Uber creative with how they empower the performance of anyone who walks through the doors of their gym.

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