Recession-Proof Small Business & Marketing Strategy For 2023

How to Make More Money in the Next Five Years Than You Ever Have

Hey guys welcome back to another episodei am darren cabral, the ceo of suit socialwe’re, a digital marketing agency that helps smallbusinesses, build their brand, generate more leadsand, make more money through online advertisingthrough social media.Today, we’re talking abouthow, you can make more money in the next five yearsthan you have in your entire life.This is a superunique opportunity that is probably literally aonce-in-a-lifetime opportunity.You’Re most likelynot going to see this again and the reason behindthat is it’s tied to a potential coming recessionand.

There’s Opportunity in the Recession – Prepare for Growth

The last time we’ve had a real opportunitylike.This was probably after world war ii, if notthe great depression before that, and so this issomething that really you’re either gon na hit itor you’re gon na miss it, and so what i’m talkingabout is this through the times we’re going inright now with the recession, possibly comingup With rising inflation with massive closuresamong businesses and bankruptcies, there’s a lot ofopportunity, it’s easy to see the doom and gloom ofit all and, of course, as tragic as it is thereare people losing there are people getting hurtbut.There are people that are preparing for thisthere have been people that have been preparingfor years and those people are going to see somuch growth because what’s happening right nowif, we make a very kind of simple illustration: ofthis is, if you ever follow the stock market.Andeveryone always says you know buy at the bottomlike, obviously right, but it’s hard to see.

Recession-Proof Small Business & Marketing Strategy For 2023

How to take advantage of high unemployment to build your YouTube marketing team

Wherethe bottom is, but if you look at a stock, chartwhen something’s right at the bottom, what happenswhen you start buying at that bottom pointand!That stock comes back to where it is yourmoney’s.Doubling tripling quadrupling the samething happens in business okay.So when you owna business and you’re going into a recessionaryperiod there’s a few things going on that youcan take advantage of one of them.Is you see alot of issues with employment?You see very highunemployment because as businesses close peopleget laid off?What does this mean?Firstly, it meanspeople, which i call talent, become available thatotherwise, wouldn’t have been.You have great peoplewith great experience that start to need workmore desperately than they did before.There’Snot enough companies hiring there’s too manylayoffs.It’S a really good time for you, tostart building your team, investing in key playersinvesting in experience right.

3 Reasons to Invest in YouTube Marketing in a Recession

Investing in peoplethat are going to build your culture and yourcompany that you otherwise would have struggledto find or would have had to pay a lot more toget.Maybe you couldn’t afford the time, but nowyou can because of what’s going on so the firstthing that happens in a recession that dips isyour ability to basically get better people lowercost more consistently.That helps you build a teammuch faster which helps you grow your company theother thing that happens during a recession isadvertising, because a lot of the big players pullout and all these platforms like facebook, ads, andgoogle ads and everything even right down to radioand billboard.They become cheaper because there’sless demand on the product and their product isthe ad space, and so it’s an opportunity to putmore money into advertising and grab marketshare when everybody else is giving theirsup a third reason.You could take a huge advantageout of a recession and really blow up your income.

How to Survive a Recession When Your Competition is Pulling Away

If you’re in a product-based company someservice-based companies too, is applicable, forbut inventory product gets cheaper, it becomeseasier to get your hands on things.I mean minussupply chain issues, but if those are stored, ina general recession, there’s a surplus of thingsto buy.A good friend of mine owns a huge retailchain and where large conglomerates, let’s justsay like the home senses of the world, are fallingthrough.These guys are scooping up massive ordersat a discount, because the giants are pullingaway in fear stuff they couldn’t find even sixmonths ago and so they’re doubling their inventorysupplies in just weeks.That would have otherwisetaken them years, and so that’s a huge opportunitys.

How to Succeed in a Recession as a Business

When you combine a few of those thingslike, getting more people quicker and being able tobuild a team a lot faster than you, otherwise wouldgetting more advertising out more reach, more brandbuilding activity happening for a lot cheaper, andthen, getting more inventory more product morethings to sell all these Things start to reallystack in your favor.One of the biggest is justyour.Competitors are bowing out and so there’sa lot less people competing in general for yourcustomers.It’S your chance to really stand.Outto really get in front of them to really makea difference.To really find a way to solve theproblems that are going on around you when nobodyelse is, and that’s one of the biggest benefits ofgoing through recession as a business.Is you don’thave as much competition and that’s an absolutegame changer?Now, if you do all those things rightand, you build a fantastic team right.You runan, amazing advertising.You nail it down.

Positioned for Fast Growth in a Rising Tide

You’Regetting leads coming in your sales team, dealingwith them you’re selling you have inventory, set upyou have more product, maybe you’re, buying more andthat’s a whole other thing.We can talk about realestate, but maybe you’re, buying more office.Spaceor warehouse space, you’re building your physicalpresence, because it’s cheaper to do so as well, youdo all that in a recession, as things start to tickback up, you still hold that position.Now you havemore people than your competitors.You have moreproduct, you have better advertising than everybodyelse as the market’s coming up and people arespending money and suddenly the exponentialgains start to just rack up all that stuff.You didin the down period.Now you are positioned to growfaster in the rising tide, where everyone else isstill kind of sinking around the bottom becauseduring the down period, they let everything gothey weren’t advertising they weren’t hiring theyweren’t building.

How to Capture Greater Growth in a Disproportionate Way

Now, as people have money to spendthey’re in no position to capture that they’releft behind you’re, ready and you’re capturing allthat growth at a very like disproportionate waywhere, your competitors are just not andso you’re growing.In a few years, whatyou would have in 20 30 40 years and the lastpiece of that, which i just kind of touched onreal estate like buying real estate in a downturnis huge because you’re, seeing already commercialreal estate residential for sure commercialyou’re starting to see just cool right.Offso, if you’re in a position, your business tobuy your office space instead of lease itor, buy a warehouse or buy even something.Maybeyour business works remote.Now, that’s finebuy commercial space and lease it out.

5 Reasons to Start a Business in a Recession

If you canright, because that’s something that when that goesdown, we know eventually it’s going to come backup, there’s only so much land on earth right, we cannever make more land, so whatever’s built is builtwe’re not going to get more of it, and so it’salways going to go Up somewhere as long as whoeveryou put in there is paying you and you’re gettingyour, rent and you’re, getting that payment everymonth and it’s cash flowing and it’s positiveyou can hold it for five: six: seven, eight yearswhile the economy, rebounds and you’re going tobuy, something that could triple Quadruple or5x over that period so put all these thingstogether as a business and there’s going tobe a ton of opportunity for you in a recessionto grow more in the next five years than you havein.Your entire life and you’re gon na see that bigcompanies are made in recessions.Just look backto the last recession to the last great depressiona lot of the biggest companies we have today.

What To Do During a Recession To Make Money And Get Rich In 20

Madetheir start in that space.It’S like breathingroom, think of someone’s parting.The season givingthe opportunity to come right through the middleand make your mark so whether you capitalize onthat or not, is going to be up to you.Hopefullythat was helpful if you enjoyed it, don’t forgetto drop a like down below drop a comment: subscribeturn notifications, all the fun stuff to makesure.You see these videos that we put a tonof work into and we hope you enjoy otherthan that i’ll see you in the next episode Read More What To Do During a Recession To Make Money And Get Rich In 2023.

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Read More: What To Do During a Recession To Make Money And Get Rich In 2023

Read More: Recession-Proof Small Business & Marketing Strategy For 2023

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