Straightening Up | The Balance with Dr. Ozuah, S2-E1

Good spine health requires a little straightening up. Don’t miss S2 of The Balance with Dr. Philip O. Ozuah, President & CEO, Montefiore Einstein. After 5M years of walking upright, we have yet to achieve the perfect posture. But where anatomy has failed us, tech is here to help. Dr. Ozuah’s guests are Diane Britt-Smith, Robin Miller, Jeffrey Meltzer, Founder and President, Applied Ergonomics, and Montefiore Einstein orthopedic physiatrist, Dr. Andrew Gitkind. #TheBalance #MontefioreEinstein #SpineHealth #YESNetwork

About The Balance with Dr. Ozuah:
The Balance with Dr. Ozuah, now in its second Season, as featured on the YES Network. Bringing together experts and human stories from the real world, Dr. Philip O. Ozuah, President and CEO, Montefiore Einstein, takes us on a new journey of health and wellness topics he knows are on people’s minds. From mysterious conditions to life-changing diagnoses to out of the box ways to blow off steam, and beyond. Watch Seasons 1 & 2 and subscribe to The Balance YouTube channel. Episodes also stream on the YES app.