What causes urticaria?


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The causes of hives or urticaria is probably the most common question that people with the condition ask. And often the answer can be confusing. Thankfully Professor Connie Katelaris, an urticaria expert, provides a clear explanation in this short video.

To understand the causes of hives it is helpful to know that a cause and a trigger are not the same thing. A cause is the underlying reason for the condition, that is, why your body reacts the way it does to produce the itchy, red hives. A trigger is something external, such as a virus or a medicine, that may set off or “trigger” your body’s response.

As Professor Katelaris explains, although allergies can cause the activation of mast cells, most cases of urticaria are not caused by an allergic reaction. But there are triggers for some types of urticaria. These may include viruses, hot and cold temperatures, sunlight, pressure or certain medicines such as aspirin or codeine. Knowing what triggers urticaria can help people to manage the condition by avoiding the trigger.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria or CSU, there are no external triggers, and the hives can come and go for months or years.

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