What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail


I loved attending self-help seminars in my early 20s. In one of the seminars, the coach wanted us to think about this question,

“What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

At that time, my answer was to become a successful businessman, with a big office and a lot of staff.

Indeed I pursued my dream.

But after I stepped into the brick-and-mortar business world, I realized that being a big boss wasn’t really what I wanted.

I wasn’t happy with the huge liabilities on office rentals, inventories, and payrolls.

Then I realized that when planning for my life goal, there was one more question I had to ask.

The question was,

“Would you enjoy the responsibilities that come with that achievement?”

You see, every gain comes with a responsibility.

It is easy to dream big, but many people are unwilling to bear the responsibilities that come with that dream.

In 2004 when I re-planned my life goal, I asked myself a revised question,

“What responsibilities would I want to take up if I knew that I wouldn’t fail?”

Here is my answer…

I still wanted to be in business, but I wanted a business with minimal overhead and no inventory. I wanted to be able to work anywhere and anytime. I wanted to work with only virtual assistants and freelancers.

That was why I decided to venture into online business.

And I never looked back.

It’s your turn to answer this question,

“What responsibilities would you want to take up if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”

To your success,

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