3 Exercises for Knee Pain Relief (Simple. Effective.)

Nagging knee cap pain can really bug you and mess with your performance. Try these 3 easy exercises to find some knee pain relief.

The exercises I’ll teach you are great for 3 main reasons.

For one, they all work to bring blood flow to your knee. This is helpful because if there are any damaged tissues in the area, increased blood flow facilitates tissue healing.

Two, these exercises activate all of the major musculature around your knees. This is an important step to interrupting an unhelpful pain signal.

Sometimes your body can get stuck in a cycle of generating pain signals when a muscle isn’t being used properly, which leads to you using a muscle less, which leads to more pain signals and so on.

It’s a vicious cycle, but you can help interrupt it by consciously firing the muscles surrounding the knee, which tells the neuromuscular system that they are on and working just fine.

And finally, these 3 exercises will help provide physical relief to the tissues by breaking up adhesions and encouraging a full range of motion so that your knee can move and function how it’s supposed to.

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[1:47] In the first technique, Patellar Active Self-Myofascial Release, you’ll manually release the quadriceps muscle around the patella. This should help break down adhesions that can impact how the patella moves and cause knee cap pain.

[3:34] The second exercise, Tibial Rotations, is an open-chain exercise that activates the muscles that rotate your tibia. If your tibial rotation is limited, it will lead to excess stress on the knee.

[5:46] The third exercise, Hip Bridge with Push & Pull, is a closed-chain exercise that activates the quadriceps (knee extenders) and hamstrings (knee flexors).

If after trying these exercises you don’t find relief, it’s probably time to seek some in-person help. A physiotherapist should assess your knee and help you move forward.

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