4 BEST Erectile Dysfunction Exercises FITNESS & WEIGHTS; Ultimate PHYSIO ED EXERCISE TREATMENT Guide

The 4 best erectile dysfunction exercises for erectile dysfunction treatment with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Michelle Kenway. The most effective fitness, weight training and body combat exercises for treating ED, improving circulation including penile blood flow to overcome erectile dysfunction. This complete science-based guide teaches you the best types of exercise, optimal exercise treatment dose, signs of improvement and how long to overcome ED with exercise treatment.

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4:31 Resistance exercise ED treatment dose
5:17 Circuit training treatment for ED
5:34 Circuit training ED treatment dose
6:00 Body combat exercise & team sports treat ED
6:35 How long to overcome ED with exercises
7:21 Physical signs of improvement

Scientific evidence supports incorporating a range of different types of exercise for effectively treating erectile dysfunction specifically:
Aerobic fitness exercises
Resistance training
Combat sports
Team sports (Allen 2019)

Please consult with your doctor before starting any new exercise program for erectile dysfunction treatment.

1. Aerobic Fitness Exercises Treat Erectile Dysfunction
Aerobic fitness (cardiovascular) exercise increases heart rate and breathing. Hardness occurs when blood flows quickly into the penis. Aerobic fitness exercise increases blood flow and causes blood vessels to dilate (open up). Appropriate cardiovascular exercise increases circulation so more blood flows faster through the entire body including increased penile blood flow.

Cardiovascular exercises for treating erectile dysfunction include:
Brisk walking
Swimming (Duca 2017)
Cycling (Allen & Walter 2018)
Running (Allen 2019)

Aerobic Exercise Prescription for ED Treatment
30 to 45 mins
4 days/week
Moderate intensity (Allen 2019)

Resistance Training Exercises Treat Erectile Dysfunction
Resistance (weight) training immediately spikes testosterone. Men with lower levels of testosterone have increased risk of ED. Added benefits for ED; improved circulation, body image and self confidence.

Weightlifting Guide for ED Treatment
Weightlifting exercises targeting upper and lower body
2 alternate days/week
High intensity & proper form (Garber et al., 2011)
Start light weights
Gradually progress
Ensure adequate rest and recovery

Circuit Training Guide for ED Treatment
Circuit training combines resistance and aerobic exercise. Circuit training can benefit testosterone levels, vascular adaptations and erectile function.
2 circuit training sessions/week
Whole-body exercises (Garber et al., 2011)

3. Body Combat Sports and Team Sports for Men Treat Erectile Dysfunction
ED is associated with stress and decreased self esteem and combat sports e.g. martial arts and boxing can help men overcome erectile dysfunction through improved self esteem and stress reduction. (Allen, 2019). Male team sports have psychological benefits that can carry over to improved erectile function e.g. football and baseball (Allen, 2019)

How Long to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction with Exercise

16 weeks for long term physical changes that overcome erectile dysfunction with exercise (Allen 2019).

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