Conquer Your Digital Addiction and Boost Your Health with Digital Detox Expert | Forest Bronzan

In this episode of the Thrive State Podcast, Dr. Kien Vuu (Doctor V) speaks with a digital detox expert about the impact of technology on our mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Learn how to overcome digital addiction and create a state of vibrancy in your life. Don’t forget to follow Doctor V @doctorvmd, and get your copy of his #1 best-selling book “Thrive State” at For more longevity tips, download the free guide at

00:00 – Introduction
02:06 – How technology impacts our lives
06:19 – The role of COVID-19 in exacerbating digital addiction
08:41 – The psychology of digital addiction in different age groups
12:03 – The invention of endless scroll and its effects
14:36 – The snowball effect of technology on communication skills
18:03 – The good news: overcoming digital addiction
20:10 – Resources for digital detox
22:46 – The importance of exercise and personal relationships
24:20 – Conclusion

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