How to ACTUALLY Care for Your Mental Health

In this video, I about how to actually care for your mental health. Also, if you want to know some uncomfortable (but realistic) truths about your mental health, watch this video

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There are people out there in the mental health and well-being space who claim to have “quick fixes” for mental health difficulties. However, this can set people up for disappointment and feeling that they’re doing something wrong when they don’t see improvements as quick as they’ve been led to believe. Today I talk about what it actually takes to care for your mental health.

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0:00 There are no “quick fix” solutions to mental health difficulties
1:33 Managing mental health is a lifelong process
3:39 Mental health tip 1
6:58 Mental health tip 2
9:42 Mental health tip 3
11:01 Mental health tip 4
12:24 Mental health tip 5
15:08 Mental health tip 6
17:28 Mental health tip 7

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