The Benefits of Decluttering Your Space for Physical and Mental Fitness | EP 106

On this episode of Visibly Fit, we’re taking a closer look at how the art of decluttering goes beyond just tidying up your space – it can actually revolutionize your approach to fitness. Join us as we dive into the profound connection between a decluttered environment and achieving your health goals.

We’ll explore how a streamlined living space can inspire better eating habits, foster a more consistent workout routine, and even bolster your spiritual health.

From decluttering your kitchen for mindful eating to organizing your workout area for maximum efficiency, we’ll share actionable tips to align your surroundings with your fitness aspirations.

Get ready to elevate your well-being by decluttering not only your physical space but also your path to a healthier lifestyle!

Here’s a bit of what you’ll hear in today’s episode:
00:00 Welcome to Visibly Fit Podcast
00:42 Introduction
04:00 Encouragement if you struggle with hoarding
05:00 Why do we struggle with “letting go” of our stuff?
06:30 How excess stuff affects our mind and mental health
08:30 A practical strategy to attack the clutter
14:00 Don’t bring something in without getting rid of something else
17:00 Our spirit craves peace and harmony in our environment
20:00 Decluttering can save you money!
And much more…

Wendie Pett
Christian – Natural – Fitness

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