What psychological benefits do you get from work?

🌈 What psychological benefits do you get from working? 🌈

πŸ™Š Many people think that what they want from work is the same as what everyone else wants! πŸ™Š

βœ… However, we all have individual needs about what we want from a job. Understanding what psychological needs you meet through your work can help you make better decisions for your career and personal life. βœ…

🧐 Do you know why you should work?

🧐 Are you aware of the psychological needs you meet through working?

🧐 Can you tell what’s the most & what’s the least important in your job?

πŸ‘† In this video, I’m explaining the 5 main benefits you get from work & why they matter to people. Tip: As you’re watching the video, identify the benefits you can relate to & try to rank them by priority! πŸ‘†

πŸ—¨ Share in comments: What are the benefits you get from your work?

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