5 Minute Cardio? The Science of Reduced Exertion Interval Training with Ulrich Dempfle

Meet Ulrich Dempfle, the CEO and co-founder of the Carol Bike, a game-changing exercise equipment that offers efficient workouts in just a few minutes. In this episode, we discuss the psychological resistance to shorter workouts and how the Carol Bike overcomes this by delivering effective results in a short time.

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Episode Overview:
0:00 – Introduction
1:46 – What is the Carol Bike?
3:22 – A message to all the Type-A people out there
4:40 – Why REHIT is simple but not easy
8:00 – Creating an exercise habit
10:04 – Why people don’t exercise
12:24 – What is a REHIT workout?
20:19 – The “dose benefit response”
24:02 – When do you burn the most calories?
28:17 – How often can you do REHIIT?
31:22 – The problem with the “longevity bros”
35:22 – Why do you need a special piece of equipment for REHIT?
40:31 – How to build or maintain speed
45:24 – Why VO2 Max is so important especially as we age
55:26 – The best workout to burn fat
59:47 – the benefit of learning to be uncomfortable
01:00:08 – How often should you test your FTP?
01:02:17 – The ideal workout for peri and menopausal women

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