Staying Active – strength, mobility and balance movements for beginners

In this video Stuart, an accredited Exercise Physiologist, demonstrates different strength, mobility and balance movements that you can use to make up your own routine at home. Use the steps below to plan your routine:
1. For the strength exercises, choose the variation that is most appropriate.
2. Try to complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each movement.
3. Have enough rest between each set that you feel confident you can complete another lot of 10.
4. For the mobility and balance movements, do each movement one after the other for 10-15 repetitions each, and then repeat.

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The qualified instructors in the videos have taken every precaution to offer a safe exercise regime, but not all exercises are appropriate for all people. Do not try these exercises if you feel you are not safe or capable to do so. Ensure that you listen carefully to the prompts about technique, and watch as the instructors demonstrate each exercise. You will be able to stop the video to ensure that you have fully understood the directions and to perform your repetitions of each exercise.

People participate in this program at their own risk. Wellbeing SA, SA Health, ESSA and Wellbeing@Work accept no responsibility or liability for any injury sustained by participants performing these exercises.